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Saqara Connects Construction Professionals

Find the right solution for you. You can search for construction projects and also manage invitations to tender
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AOS by Saqara is the tool to help you start your tender process or respond to invitations to tender.

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Chantier Privé by Saqara finds construction projects for you based on your selection criteria.

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Issue Invitations to Tender with AOS by Saqara

Find new subcontractors to send invitations to tender and make your project more visible

Streamline Your Tender Process and Store Your Documents in One Convenient Space.

Manage your invitations to tender in a single secure tool. Our software application is compliant with all the legal obligations of the GDPR.

Access to Our Network of Building Contractors

Our directory of more than 25,000 contractors around mainland France and in its overseas departments and territories will help you expand your network.

View the Progress of Your Projects in Real Time

Create dashboards in real time and view the progress of your projects in one click.

Analyse Your Offers Quickly and Easily

You can extract your comparison table of offers with one click. You can view overall comparisons, by work package or by contractor.


Send Automatic Reminders to Contractors you have invited to tender

Schedule automatic reminders and be notified when a contractor responds to your invitation to tender!

Collaborate effortlessly throughout the design, procurement, and work process

Keep track of the tender process right from the project design phase. Smoothly progress from the design phase to the construction phase. Give subcontractors in the design phase who respond to you a head start.

Sign Your Contracts Electronically

All stakeholders and employees will be able to independently review and sign project documents.


Respond to Invitations to Tender with AOS by Saqara

Manage the tender offers you are invited to submit from the moment you receive tender documents to the moment they are signed!

Expand Your Network!

By completing your company page, you will be able to describe your skills, your completed projects, amounts, and types of works you would be interested in.

Upload All Your Documents to the Same Space.

Store your documents and update them in one click; your clients will have instant access. All documents and personal information are 100% secure and can only be viewed by you.

Download uploaded cost breakdowns to calculate your project costs

Find all the work packages for which your client has sent you invitations to tender. You can also view your response history by work package.

Keep Your Invitations to Tender in a Single Space

Manage all your documents and projects in one convenient space!

You can access contractor tender documents without time limits and be receive alerts automatically when new documents are added on AOS by Saqara.


Send Your Responses to Your Clients Instantly

Attach additional documents (cost breakdowns, quotes, etc.) and save your response history in in case of offer updates.

Interact with your clients and inform them of your intent to respond

Access the contact details of each project client so you can contact them or discuss with them via chat.

Chantier Privé by Saqara

Chantier by Saqara is an online platform that connects building contractors and construction project sponsors.

Exclusive Construction Projects at Your Disposal

The projects available on our application are exclusively from project sponsors in the private sector and are only available on Chantier Privé by Saqara.

Access projects based on your criteria: geographical area, project type and size

We have a wide range of invitations to tender available on our platform. We offer invitations to tender of various scopes and purposes for projects near your place of business!

Keep the projects you are interested in and store contractor tender documents.

Download contractor tender documents directly from the application. Simply select the project you are interested in and directly access the document.

Expand your network and find new projects!

With Chantier Privé by Saqara, you are automatically kept up to date with the invitations to tender issued on the platform. You can then contact the persons in charge of the project directly and forge a lasting partnership with them.

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