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Saqara is a software company that specialises in connecting professionals in the construction and public works sector via a software solution (SaaS). This solution automates the management of invitations to tender in the real estate and construction sectors. Saqara's head office is at 521, Rue Waldeck Rochet in Aubervilliers (93300). It is registered with the French registry of commerce and companies in Bobigny under SIREN 830 497 277.

Your personal data and privacy are of paramount importance to us. At Saqara we uphold the fundamental principles of privacy and data protection: We request the processing or process your personal data only when it is strictly necessary and with your consent. We do not share your personal data with anyone except in compliance with the law as required to assist you or to protect our rights or if you give us your explicit consent to do so. Below is our privacy policy outlining these principles.

Saqara operates a website, and a web application (hereinafter, the Website, or separately, a website). It is Saqara's policy to respect the privacy of any data we may collect while operating our websites and processing any orders you may place with us. Saqara undertakes, within the framework of its activities and in accordance with the applicable French and European legislation, to ensure the protection, privacy, and security of the personal data of the users of its services, as well as to respect their privacy.

To make the reading this policy easier, the text has been drafted in two wordings: the first is in legal terms (“legal text”) and second is preceded by “in other words”, boxed and in italics, which is non-binding. We did this to enable you to better understand what we mean, how your data is processed, what to expect from us as well as what we expect from you. We have written these texts -in other words- so that you can understand our practices as stated. However, the text to be taken into account, if necessary, is the text written outside the -in other words- boxes.

We know that you value the use and sharing of your personal data, and we appreciate your trust in us by providing it. Please know that we will take the utmost care of it. By visiting our websites, placing an order, using the application, or creating a user account, you accept the practices described in this Privacy Policy. In other words, if you continue to visit the site, provide data when placing an order, use the application, or create an account, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to this policy.​

​1​. Data controller

Saqara is responsible for the processing of personal data which it does on its own and has completed all the necessary administrative procedures with the relevant authorities. Overall, Saqara complies with all the personal data protection laws and regulations in effect in the countries where it operates, including but not limited to the European Directive No. 95/46/EC of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals, the processing and free flow of personal data. As of 25 May 2018, the European Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals, the processing of personal data and on the free flow of such data and the repealed Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, often referred to as the GDPR); the French Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on data processing, information technology, and civil liberties including its amendments. In other words, we are responsible for the data that you submit to us for processing on our behalf. You are hereby provided our contact details so you can contact us. As for us, we have done everything the regulations require of us.

​2. Data processor

Likewise, as a data processor for our clients who use Saqara applications, we have completed all the necessary administrative formalities with the appropriate authorities specifically the European Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals, the processing and free flow of their personal data and the repealed Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, often referred to as the GDPR). Please note that the documents and data uploaded to Saqara applications are encrypted. Subscribers to our applications can voluntarily grant access to some of the data they have provided and stored in the applications to employees, service providers or partners, tendering contractors, various stakeholders, as well as to the Saqara team explicitly for technical support purposes. In any case, it is the client’s decision to store their personal data in our applications and to grant access to this data as well as decide who has total control over it especially uploaded documents, which can only be viewed by the persons to whom they have granted access. All users of Saqara applications, whether subscribers or their guests, are responsible for the data they provide in the applications and as such are responsible for making sure the data, they provide is collected in a manner that complies with regulations. In other words, Saqara applications’ users are responsible for the data they have provided, which is processed within these applications on behalf of its clients.

​3​. Purposes

​3.1. As a data controller

‍Saqara processes personal data for one or more of the following purposes: - To generate quotes for use on our web application by Saqara's clients -To manage client relations -For client and potential client support, especially when using our web application -For studies and analyses of the use of service, mainly to improve the Websites and services -Litigation management -Recruitment management -To provide appropriate technical information -To manage funding programmes for the development of new products or services or for the improvement of existing ones. Therefore, Saqara processes your personal data within the scope of the contractual or pre-contractual relationship between you and us or within the scope of our legitimate interest in processing your personal data and only when you agree to our processing of this data. There is a contractual relationship governed by our Terms and Conditions of service and/or use when you place an order with Saqara to its web application, submit a request to our customer service department or ask to be put in touch with a professional from our customer service department.A pre-contractual relationship exists when you show an explicit interest in a Saqara offer or product, particularly when you make an enquiry or request a quote for a Saqara offer or product, or when you register as a client (without having placed an order), or when you apply for a job on the websites of one of our partners to whom we subcontract the management of job boards. Saqara's legitimate interest in processing your data is to better understand the use, queries, interests in its products and services, its users' interests as well as the interests of professionals within our business network mainly through surveys, analysis, statistics, and our funding programmes. Our company also has a legitimate interest in identifying the most suitable people to fill job vacancies in our offices. In other words, when you give us your data for a specific purpose (account creation, digitisation of documents, quote, questions, etc.) we process this data for this purpose. We may also process some of your data to carry out analyses and studies to improve our services, to find new clients and gain their loyalty as well as to manage disputes. We require personal data for all these purposes. We process your additional data only if you have given your consent.

​3.2 As a data processor

When using the Saqara application via your relationship with Saqara is governed by our Terms and Conditions of use.  The Saqara application allows its users process data for at least one of the following purposes: -To digitise the invitations to tender submitted by its clients. -to manage and optimise the monitoring of the tender process related to invitations to tender -to connect professionals in the construction and public works sector, especially real estate developers, project management consultants, general contractors, and building contractors. In other words, when you use the Saqara application, we both have certain obligations and responsibilities, which are detailed in the application’s T&C. The application is designed to provide certain services to Saqara's clients, who shall have total control over the data they or their guest users provide.

​4​. Data Protection Officer

Yves Gattegno, SysStreaming SAS, at 34, Rue de l'Orme sec in L'Haÿ-les-Roses (F94240) is the data protection officer is for Saqara, 521, Rue Waldeck Rochet in Aubervilliers (F93400). He can be contacted at

​5. Retention period for personal data

Personal data collected by Saqara is kept only if necessary to serve the purpose for which it was collected or to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. To be more precise, retention periods apply to the following data: -Data collected during recruitment: according to the conditions of the platform used. We recommend that you check these retention periods in the privacy policies of these web applications. -Data collected during subscription and throughout the term of subscription: during the term of the contractual commitment and 3 years after the end of a contract (intermediate archiving according to legal or regulatory obligations and responsibilities, up to 10 years after the end of the business relationship) -Connection data collected during the use of the web application: depending on the solution, 12 months maximum (sooner in the case of an erasure request by the data controller) -Fuzzy location data (city, country only) collected when visiting a website: 9 months (via Intercom) -Connection data (IP address, browser history, etc.) for a maximum of 12 months. In other words, we do not keep your data longer only if it is necessary or as required by law. For example, the law requires us to keep the invoices for your orders for 10 years.

​6​. Scope of collected data

To use Saqara's websites and to process any Saqara subscriptions, we may need to collect and process the following personal data: -The first and last names of the user, the recipient of an order or quote, the client, or a job applicant. -The email address of the user, the recipient of an order or quote, the client, and a job applicant. -Business phone number and postal address of the user, the recipient of an order or quote, the client, or an applicant for a job offer. -Occupation/position (architect or contractor) of the user, the recipient of the order or quote, or the client. -An uneven password for access to the Saqara service. -Connection data (connection IP address, browser history, technical details of terminals, browser language). -Fuzzy location data (city and country taken from the IP address), via Intercom -Data present in the curricula vitae and cover letters of job applicants. -Connection data such as the IP address used during connection is collected and processed: this is necessary to provide you support, to implement our security measures, and to comply with our legal obligations, particularly in terms of traceability of access and use.In other words, we need your contact details and email address to send you quotes, create your client-account, and to contact you, process your applications to our job offers. We need your connection data to provide support and fulfil our obligations especially in terms of traceability. The data processed to create and manage your access to the Saqara application includes a user ID and password. The user ID is an email address. You should never disclose your account information including your user ID and password on the Websites to anyone. We recommend that you use a unique password for your account (a password not used on other websites). We recommend that you check your account regularly to ensure that your data has not been altered or changed. You hereby release Saqara from any claim, demand or requirement made by third parties that alleges a violation of their rights because of your use of the service. You acknowledge that any use of the Service with your credentials is presumed to be done by you and will be charged to you.In other words, the confidentiality of your information is also up to you. Do not disclose your login details to anyone. Be careful about the passwords you create and create passwords that are unique and difficult to guess.

6.1 Location of data processing

All personal data processing by Saqara is carried out in data centers hosted by its service providers in France. Therefore, any processing directly under the control of Saqara is carried out in France. If any service provider, supplier, or processor for Saqara processes data in a country outside the European Union or in a country on the list of countries recognised as appropriate, but has provided the necessary guarantees (for example, by being members of frameworks such as the Privacy Shield, Safe Harbour, or implementing Binding Corporate Rules (BCR), etc.), the contractual relationship between Saqara and this third party requires that appropriate guarantees be put in place. Saqara works with third parties that have joined the Privacy Shield and/or have implemented all the necessary safeguards, such as Amazon Web Services, Google, Intercom, and Drift. In other words, the data you have entrusted us with is processed in France or in a country whose laws require compliance with the basic principles of fairness, transparency, and privacy, or by a service provider that provides all the necessary guarantees so that you can rest assured.

​6.2 Recipients of processed data

Saqara may transfer the data you provide or that it has collected to its employees, service providers or affiliates who need to access this information to process it on Saqara's behalf or to provide services for the purposes mentioned above and have agreed not to disclose it to third parties. These potential recipients include, but are not limited to, companies that host Saqara's websites: Scalingo, companies that provide technical services: Amazon Web Services, Google, Drift, and Intercom. Saqara may also use the services of service providers for accounting, emailing, marketing agencies, research and analyst companies, and customer satisfaction surveys, which may require your personal data to carry out functions for us or for you. Saqara will not rent or sell personal data to third parties. Apart from its employees, contractors, and affiliated organizations, as described above, Saqara shall only disclose personal data in response to a subpoena, court order, or other governmental order, or when Saqara believes that such disclosure is necessary to protect the property or rights of Saqara, a third party, or the public. If you are a registered user of a Saqara site and you have provided your email address and have agreed to receive communications from Saqara, Saqara may occasionally send you an email to tell you about new features, ask for your feedback, or simply keep you up to date on Saqara news and offers. We may also use our various blogs to communicate this type of information, particularly to limit the number of emails. Saqara takes measures to protect your personal data from unauthorised access, use, alteration, or destruction. In other words, the data you entrust us with will be shared only when necessary or with your authorisation. The recipients of your data, including us, provide all the necessary guarantees so that you can rest assured.

​6.3 Transfer of processed data to third parties

The data you provide or that is collected by Saqara or on its behalf is not transferred to third parties, except to the recipients referred to in Article 6.2. In other words, we do not transfer your data, except in the cases referred to above.

​6.4 Transfer of data to a third country outside the European Union

Some of the data you provide or that is collected by or on behalf of Saqara may be transferred to third parties operational outside the European Union. These third parties, as referred to in Section 5.1, have all joined the Privacy Shield framework. In other words, we do not transfer your data, except in the cases we have already referred to. When we do, it is to service providers who operate in a country whose law requires compliance with the basic principles of fairness, transparency, and confidentiality, or to service providers who provide all the necessary guarantees so that you can rest assured.

​6.5 Market Research and Development

If you are a registered end user of a Saqara website and have provided us your email address or phone number and have also agreed to receive promotional communications from us, or if you have previously placed an order with us, Saqara may send you emails or SMS to tell you about our offers, announce new features, ask for your feedback, or simply keep you up to date with the latest news about Saqara and its offers. You can always object to such promotional messages by sending us an email to the address ****, by post to the address above or by phone to the number you are given when you register with Saqara. Each digital marketing or informational communication from Saqara (email, SMS, etc.) contains a link or instructions to opt-out of future similar communications. In other words, if you have provided us with your email address or phone number and you have given us permission or are one of our clients, and you do not object, we may send you informational or promotional emails and SMS. You may opt-out of receiving such emails and SMS at any time.

​7​. Exercising your rights of access, rectification, and opposition

As a client or user of our websites and applications, you have the right to request that your processed personal data be deleted from our files. This is known as the right to be forgotten. If you have access to a client account on a Saqara website and you exercise your right to be forgotten, this access will be suspended, and your user ID will be deleted from our files. However, we cannot delete your data if there is a pending order for you that has not been fully processed or cancelled or if there is a dispute between you and us or, more generally, if we need your data to execute a contract or fulfil one of our obligations of objecting to the collection and processing of your data when it is unnecessary. If you are a client or user of the Saqara application, we will need your email address to send you information, confirmation emails, password recovery, or activation emails to access the application, etc. Furthermore, as a candidate who has applied for a job with one of our companies, you have the right to request that the data you provided when applying for a job, specifically your CV and cover letter, be deleted from our files. If a candidate has not made this request, within the 2-year after the last contact with the candidate, it is our legitimate interest to keep the candidate’s data so we can match our job offers to people who can best fill these positions. These rights can be exercised by sending an email to **** or by contacting us using the contact details referred to above or available on our website. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority and to seek legal remedy if your requests to exercise your rights have not been fulfilled within one month of being made. In France, the supervisory authority is the CNIL (*National commission for information technology and civil liberties*), which can be contacted via the appropriate forms on its website In other words, you have control over any data you send us. You can view it, rectify it, and ask that it be deleted or used solely for certain purposes and not otherwise to send you information or commercial offers. We will endeavour to comply with your requests as quickly as possible.

​8​. Data disposal

You may issue directives for the storage, erasure, and transfer of your personal data after your death in accordance with Articles 84 and 85 of Law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 as amended. These directives may be general or specific. You can set out these anticipated instructions by contacting us at **** In other words, you have control over the data you entrust us with, and you can give us instructions that will be applied after your death, if we still have data about you at that time, which we hope will be much later. You can request the erasure of your data or transfer it on to a designated person.

​9​. Data disposal

Saqara takes all the reasonable and necessary steps to protect processed personal (or potential personal) data from unauthorised access, use, alteration, or destruction. In other words, the data you entrust us with or provide when using the Saqara application is carefully processed, and we take numerous measures to protect and safeguard it. For example, we encrypt your data on the networks and on our hard drives, we only give access to this data to those who need access, we monitor the computers that store and process it, we back it up regularly, etc. We are committed to the security of our services and have put in place physical, administrative, and technical measures to prevent unauthorised access to your data. Our security policies cover security management for internal operations and our services. These policies govern all areas of security applicable to the services and apply to all Saqara employees as well as to our contractors and subcontractors who need access to this data. In other words, we are fully committed to ensuring the security of the data you entrust us with. We assess and respond quickly to incidents that create suspicions of unauthorised data manipulation. Our teams, including the overall IT security team, are aware of these incidents and, depending on the nature of the activity, define processes and response procedures to address the incidents. If we establish that your data has been misappropriated or otherwise wrongfully acquired by a third party, we will notify you and the supervisory authority as soon as possible. In other words, our teams monitor and supervise all suspicious activities and are dedicated to minimising these activities as much as possible.

​10. Sub-processing

Saqara only uses processors data who provide sufficient guarantees that they have taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure that the processing complies with the requirements of the European regulations and guarantees the protection of the data subject's rights. In other words, when we need processors, for example to host your data or to process your orders, we only choose processors who have given us sufficient guarantees so that both Saqara and its clients can rest assured.

​11​. Disposal of assets

If Saqara, or almost all its assets, are sold, or in the unlikely event that Saqara goes out of business or is declared bankrupt, user information would be one of the assets to be transferred to or acquired by a third party. You understand that such transfers may occur, and that any acquirer of Saqara may continue to use your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. In other words, if our company is sold or transferred, your data will be transferred to the new owner, as it is one of our most valuable assets. However, we guarantee that your data will at least be processed by the new owner as well as we do.

​1​2. Cookies and Trackers

Please refer to the document “Cookie Policy”.

​1​3. Advertising

We do not advertise on our sites. We do not use cookies to track your behaviour, determine your interests or to identify you.

​14​. Changes to the Privacy Policy

‍We may update and more importantly improve this Privacy Policy in due course, keeping in mind that we will never downgrade the already implemented levels of security. Although most changes may be minor, Saqara may change its privacy policy at its absolute discretion. Saqara encourages visitors to its website to frequently check this page for any changes to its privacy policy. Your continued use of the Saqara website and the Saqara application after any changes have been made to the privacy policy shall be deemed as your acceptance of such changes. In other words, we may make changes to the way we process your data, but with a level of security that is at least equivalent to that set out in this policy. These changes are mostly minor. We don't routinely burden you with our new privacy policies by asking you to agree to them again, but we would be pleased if you would come back from time to time to read the policy that applies. And remember, if you ever disagree with our policy, or have any queries, or want to exercise any of your rights, just write to us at ****

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