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Manage Your Invitations to Tender
Online with AOS by Saqara

AOS by Saqara is a digital solution that is designed to manage invitations to tender
in the construction industry, from their issue to the signing of contracts.

Issue an Invitation to Tender


Issue, track, and sign your invitations to tender by streamlining interactions between the various parties involved in your project.

Manage your budgets, schedules and optimise communications with your partners!

With AOS by Saqara, various project stakeholders can collaborate directly on the platform in a single secure space where their data (tender documents, offers, etc.) is also stored.

Respond To an
Invitation to Tender

Board projects

Retrieve your contractor tender documents, store your information, and manage your various construction projects directly on our web application.

Respond to project invitations to tender, track history, save your certificates etc. With AOS by Saqara, you can manage your projects in the same space.

Grow your business and make it more visible by creating your contractor page and indicating your skills, completed projects, the amounts, and types of construction works you are interested in!

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